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Ifyyiy (Figuig) - Geography
North Africa Amazigh

Introduction and note:

We inform our readers that the geography we are talking about here is part of the Moroccan administrative division of regions as set by the State.

We are not talking here about the other lands belonging to the oasis and its owners.
We mean here the lands stolen by French imperialism. The latter included these lands in the state he created by referendum and resolution in 1961 and 1962, Algeria.
In 1962, nothing called the independence of Algeria took place because this state did not exist in history and only began in 1962.

His presence began by betraying the pact with Morocco.

Ifyyiy or Figuig : Geographic coordinates

Latitude   32 degrees, 7 minutes and 1 second, N
Llongitude 1 degree 13 minutes and 37 seconds, west
Distance from Equateur 3571,24 Km
Altitude 903 m
Ifyyiy : Administratively

IFYYIY city (ifyyiy - ⵉⴼⵢⵢⵉⵢ - is the original and perpetual name of the oasis, also pronounced Ifyyiy ⵉⴼⵢⵢⵉⵢ) is part of the Oriental region, the 2nd region in the administrative division of Morocco, which includes 12 regions. And BOUAARFA is the capital of the province of FIGUIG

Remarque :

The name Ifyyiy is not used by the Moroccan state. The latter uses other names which are derivatives by translation and which are used in a context linked to the pan-Arabism adopted by the previous regime. This context betrays the Amazigh identity, the real and genuine identity of the oasis and the city.

Important clarification:

The original name of the city is Ifyyiy . This is the name that has been used by its inhabitants for thousands of years.

We say Ifyyiy

As for the following names: فجيج، فكيك وفقيق, in Arabic and Figuig in Latin, they are translations into Arabic and Latin (French…) of the Amazigh name. linked to the original name.

We will explain later the reasons which led historians to make errors in the reading and interpretation of their sources.

There are also historians and writers who ignore, intentionally or through ignorance, the original name Ifyyiy , which is on the lips of all the inhabitants of the oasis or At Oufyyiy ⴰⵜ ⵓⴼⵢⵢⵉⵢ..

Région de l'oriental
Les provinces   Carte Superficie

1) Nador

2) Berkane

3) Oujda-Angad

4) Taourirt

5) Jerada

6) Ifyyiy  

7) Guercif

8) Driouch
Ifyyiy , Région de l'oriental 90127 km²
Ifyyiy or Figuig Ifyyiy (Figuig), Région de Ifyyiy (Figuig) 55950 km²

Ifyyiy (Figuig) Coat and Code

Zip code 61000
Time ( GMT +1)
Emblem of the province of Ifyyiy (Figuig) Ifyyiy (Figuig) : Emblème de la province de Ifyyiy (Figuig)

Ifyyiy (Figuig) on the map

Ifyyiy city is located in the southeast of Morocco on the edge of the Moroccan-Algerian border. Far from the town of OUJDA by almost 384 Km And from city of Bni-Ouanif (last aghrm or Ksar of Ifyyiy that colonial France annexed in its creation: Algeria) de 8 Km, Figuig thus shelters a strategic and, even more, very sensitive border zone between Morocco and Algeria.


Ifyyiy (Figuig) topography and landforms


The metropolitan area is structurally Ifyyiy (Figuig) the great mountain range of Morocco: High Atlas, and specifically the IS side. This explains the presence of several mountains in this area. These mountains form a sort of natural barrier around the city Ifyyiy (Figuig), and play a specific role in the survival of the city. Ifyyiy (Figuig), according to geological experts, has benefited greatly from these mountains. Obviously, as some underground tunnels are considered a large rainwater tank, including a large body of water that flows from the mountain town above (High Atlas). On the other hand, these mountains hinder the sanding of the oasis. Below is a list of major mountains surrounding Ifyyiy (Figuig).

Location and heigh

EAST side:

 Mountains  Height
Laamour  2160 m

NORTH side:
 Mountains  Height
Sifa 1876 m
Bani samir  2152 m


Mountains   Height 
Aal arja 1050 m
Zrika abdelkaader 1000 m

 The side NORTHWEST:

 Mountains  Height
Himour 1168 m
Krouz 1647 m

 WEST side:

Mountains Height
Lamïz 1909 m

SOUTH side:
 Includes several small mountains. They will cite in order of their location EAST WEST:

Mountains   Height
Jermane 1047 m
Sidi youssef 1065 m
Taghla 1117 m
Zenaga 1051 m
Melias 1128 m

Ssatellites photos
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