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Ifyyiy - Figuig: Monuments
Amazigh heritage

Figuig or Ifyyiy, Amazigh historical monument :

The town of Ifyyiy (Figuig) is composed of seven Ighrmawn. This characteristic ksarienne by which Figuig is characterized classifies the city among the cities having preserved a historical heritage in the field of old constructions. Knowing that constructions of Ighrmawn are not nowadays. And rare the cities who dispose it.v The city of Ifyyiy is considered like a national heritage in its aspect ksarien.

Some characteristics of constructions intra-Aghrm (Ksar):

Une ruelle parmi d'autres à Ifyyiy
A lane among others in Ifyyiy
Mur d'un jardin

Wall of a garden: all the gardens of Ifyyiy are beat by same kind since always

Anien maison

Une des maisons à Ifyyiy , construction traditionnelle

Some monuments:

- Turns of monitoring.

Tour de surveillance

Tour de surveillance

Tour de surveillance

Ighrmawn disappeared:

- ruins of Ighrmawn disappeared from Ifyyiy




Amazigh octagonal minaret:

This monument is located in Aghrm (Ksar) of Loudaghir, it was constructed into The Sixteenth Century of hijri, with a 19 m height. This minaret has a square base and starting from 5 m of its base it starts to become octagonal (eight dimensions).
Mosquée octogonale
Octagonal minaret

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